our philosophy

Our goal is to give you back one of the most valuable things you have in your life, free time to spend with your family.

We believe:

  • A smile can kick start someone’s day, so they should be given out freely.
  • A problem is only a solution waiting to be found.
  • All persons are worthy of respect and deserving of friendly, prompt and undivided attention to their concerns.
  • Honesty, ethics and honour are important cornerstones.
  • Organisation is the key to efficiency.
  • Procedures should be written in layman’s terms and easily understood by anyone.
  • Computers and software are there to serve you. It is not for you to serve them.
  • Databases should be easy to use time saving applications that answer your needs.
  • All documents should look professional yet be easy to read and understand.
  • Desktop publications should be informative, pleasing to the eye and easily navigable for the reader.
  • There is a word document, form, excel spreadsheet or database out there to answer ANY of your particular needs – all we need do is create it for you.